Vivegreens, a Vigo start-up, has developed a pioneering project in Spain that consists of the cultivation of microgreens, leafy greens and aromatics in a controlled environment through hydroponic cultivation with the Radix cultivation modules distributed by VirexTechnologies.

With these 12 modules that Vivegreens has bought they intend to grow crops demanded by traditional cuisine, haute cuisine, with high rotation, and bring this type of crop to be extremely nutritious, tasty and with a very high food safety due to the entire process that is carried out in an isolated interior room where the operators are fully protected. against possible pests or external agents that may be outside.

With its more than 120m², Vivegreens intends to position itself as the undisputed leaders in terms of production and quality in the Galician area, with expansion plans for the rest of the provincial capitals throughout the territory.

Virex Technologies is a technological partner of this innovative start up, providing high-quality products both electronically and in the spectrum so that the crops are homogeneous both in production and organoleptic levels.