Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse farming is another way to grow indoors, but it can be with or without environmental control.

In general, companies that invest in LED technology also do so in control and management systems of the entire greenhouse to create a totally controlled environment only with solar “help” in terms of light levels (and UV radiation), to try to take advantage of maximum solar radiation and, that LED lighting is complementary, saving energy, but maximizing the potential of a hybrid spectrum, that is, solar (natural) and LED (artificial).

A sunny summer day, depending on the area of the planet where we are, can have 13-14h of sunlight and, in many cases, in winter, they are shortened to 6-8h of sunlight, so many crops do not they receive enough light to grow optimally.

For example, artificial lighting is used to lengthen the day or shorten the night, depending on the season and the type of cultivation, since they can be long-day plants or short-day or neutral plants, the latter means that no The solar hours matter, if not that it will flower or bear fruit regardless of the hours of light that the crop has, but the light levels and temperature will matter for best results.

The LED light for greenhouses is becoming very popular because many options can be found in the market to complement sunlight and thus, reach optimal levels of PPFD to maximize production or simply reinforce the production of secondary metabolites of the fruits or flowers.

All our represented have products for greenhouses such as complementary light and, in addition, a multidisciplinary technical team capable of covering projects of hectares with the greatest professionalism and guarantee of success.

At Virex we help our clients from the moment the seed is laid until it is harvested. Consult our service of lighting plans for professional projects and calculation of return on investment.