• SAN´AN OPTOELECTRONICS, its parent company, is one of the largest business groups in the world in terms of LED technology. They research, develop and manufacture all types of semiconductors for their own production and for world-class companies.
  • Sananbio works closely with the Botanical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so its level of biological understanding meets its level of electronic development, making products that are reliable at the highest level, efficient, durable and with a low return on investment.
  • Virex Technologies is from today Monday, October 19, 2020, a unique partner for the Spanish and Portuguese market, focusing our efforts on the horticultural sector 4.0 since these products are designed to develop new horticultural businesses within cities, that is, to bring the field to the city with maximum reliability and guarantees of a scientifically proven technology that is currently in operation for commercial operations.
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