We offer technical training on LED technology for technical or commercial teams. This includes:

  • Information at electronic level of LED equipment
  • Information on biological effects on crops
  • Specific information on medicinal cultivation
  • Sales pitch for commercial teams on the benefits of LED technology vs. other technologies.



For a lighting project to save well, there must be prior planning and an exhaustive study on the positioning and height of the LED luminaires to cover the largest possible area but which in turn is giving the PPFD necessary to achieve the optimal DLI of each crop and, always counting on the worst possible scenario. For this reason, you must have a lighting plan adapted to the area where the project will be carried out and the type of cultivation.

We offer a professional and optimized lighting plan adapted to the needs of each project.




We offer additional help to guide companies or professionals to choose the optimal LED equipment in a correct and economically viable way to achieve better yields in cultivation and a return on investment in the medium-short term.

Our advisory service can be:

  • Telematics (using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Rendezview)
  • Telephone
  • On site (Ask for more information)



If within our represented we do not find a standard solution adapted to the needs of the project, we offer a customization service of LED luminaires adapted to the demands of the project or client’s requirement.

  • The customization of LED equipment is based on:
  • Customization of light spectra
  • Customization of mechanics and heat dissipation
  • UV or IR additives if required
  • Finish customization
  • Communication protocol
  • Dimming
  • Add-ons such as glass, quartz, lenses, remote communication systems, specific electronic programming or the development of a control App.

This service has minimum conditions, so contact us for more information.