VX Vertical Grow Rack Systems is a turnkey solution that integrates lighting, irrigation and ventilation, a modular and versatile full-equipment that provides great savings in installations. A system adapted to the special needs of vertical cultivation in a controlled environment.

Vertical Grow Rack System consists of:

  • LED lighting system (vegetative cycle, flowering or full cycle)
  • Integrated Irrigation System
  • Air flow system
  • Modular system of multiple mobile racks by rails
  • Energy management system
  • 7 ”touch screen control system


  • Mobile structures that maximize and optimize the growing area
  • Five times your grow space growing vertically
  • Fully equipped systems (irrigation, ventilation and lighting)
  • Plug & play connections for quick and easy installation
  • Make your investment profitable by growing up to 5 harvests all year round.
  • 100% customizable systems adapted to the needs of each client
  • Intuitive and practical touch control system
  • PVC Food Grade Irrigation Fittings
  • High performance and crop rotation systems, specially prepared for GACP medical cannabis and industrial hemp facilities.
  • Savings of up to 99% in water resources compared to traditional agriculture technique
  • Savings of up to 40% in electrical energy compared to sodium lamps (HPS).


  • Optimal for: Vertical medical cannabis cultivation / High commercial value plants.
    Vegetative – Flowering – Mother Plants – Clones
  • Recommended for: Vertical cultivation in a controlled environment (CEA).
    Edible flowers – Green leafy plants – Aromatic plants

This system of mobile racks maximizes the growing area, extending vertically and not horizontally, through additional levels (from 1 to 3 levels) to the main structure, allowing rapid space extensions without having to have more surface, saving time and costs in planning and distribution of facilities. The cultivation units are in contact with each other whereby the total length of the system can be adapted to the lengths of different cultivation rooms.

The system comes with everything built-in to grow using drip irrigation, the Dripex System, or aeroponic irrigation, the Aeroponex System. Check out our options and accessories.

The structure is moved by means of an oscillating crank that with minimal effort is capable of moving between 5-8 tons easily, creating a corridor in the section necessary to operate comfortably. They can then be put back together to make better use of the light from all the shelves together to increase PPFD levels and homogeneity.

Complete vertical drip irrigation growing system for medical cannabis

  • Nutrient tank (1000L).
  • Grow tray 10 pieces 240x120cm (F5 or V5).
  • Water pump (made in Italy).
  • Drip System Controllers:
    These include pressure regulators, flow valves, and timers. It is possible to get by without these in a simple beginner system, but they are critical in larger and more complicated setups. Timers regulate drip irrigation. Helps to automatically turn the pump on and off at regular time intervals. Flow valves and pressure regulators allow you to monitor and control the flow of the nutrient solution throughout the system.
  • Drip line and collector
  • Water emitters / drippers

Complete vertical aeroponic growing system for medical cannabis.

This system works by growing in closed pots with mist-shaped spray heads inside them. The main characteristics of this irrigation are:

  • The plants are grown in mesh pots (such as those used in deep-water crops) that float on a spray system;
  • The roots of the plants are sprayed at “active / inactive” intervals with a mixture of water and nutrients at high pressure;
  • Intervals are important to obtain the great benefits of aeroponic cultivation – saving electricity, reducing evaporation and waste, as well as reducing the likelihood of diseases such as root rot;
  • The “dormant” intervals give plants a pause that allows time for their circulatory system to absorb nutrients.

At the same time, the remaining liquid at the bottom of the pot can ensure that even when the nozzle is broken or the power is cut, there is still enough nutrient liquid at the root to keep more than 48 hours, leaving enough time to manage the incidence .

This multi-tier Aeroponex system maximizes your grow space without sacrificing quality.

Aeroponex is the most efficient system for commercial indoor use allowing growers to exceed their growth target throughout the year.

Dripex measurements:
maximum 5 modules horizontal, 3 modules vertical

Aeoroponex measurements:
maximum 5 modules horizontal, 3 modules vertical

VX Vertical Grow Rack SystemS Mobile Shelving System

This mobile grow shelving system maximizes space and extends usable grow area up to 2 or 3 floors. If the first floor is selected for planting, the second and third floors can be added directly later according to the production need. No need to rent or buy additional sites, save time for fire protection certificate and construction planning. The planting shelves are connected to each other, so the length can be adapted to the size of the room. There is a separate feed water + nutrient tank in front of each row, which can be installed with a sprinkler system, and all pipes can be hidden in the rack. There is a swing arm (crank) at one end of the frame, even if the row of plants has a weight of 5-8 tons, it can be easily moved with the swing arm.

  • The size of a grow unit is 240 x 120 cm and the height and number of levels can be customized:
  • It can be used in multiple connections (up to 5) throughout the structure.
  • Anti-rust paint used inside and out, does not rust in high temperature and humidity environments
  • Stainless steel A304 throughout the structure
  • A single shelf can support more than 550kg per shelf.
  • Each growing unit (shelf) has a food grade PVC tray as well as irrigation channels.
  • High quality aluminum rails.
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