• Valoya Oy, Finnish company created in 2009, is a pioneer in the horticultural lighting sector due to its high investment in R&D in LED technology and scientific trials with large research centers, prestigious universities and renowned companies with Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta , Basf, Rijk Zwaan among others.

  • Valoya has more than 100 patents, making it the second largest company in the horticultural lighting industry worldwide. In addition, Valoya has several patents for utility and innovation models and many others in the process of approval, so they do not stop innovating and registering their great human, technological and economic efforts in it.

  • Throughout all this time, Valoya has experimented with more than 300 different types of crops, has produced more than 100 scientific articles in collaboration with research centers and prestigious universities such as John Innes Center, Max-Planck Institute, Valoya is present on all continents in more than 50 countries and has more than 30 distributors worldwide

  • Virex Technologies is the new proud distributor for Spain and Portugal for the medical cannabis, industrial hemp, greenhouse cultivation and vertical indoor cultivation in a controlled environment sector.
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