Our client proposed us to make a lighting solution adapted for vertical farming. This time they were racks of 180 * 100 * 200cm and 120 * 60 * 200cm (L * W * H).

For this first phase, we proposed several options, but they had a fairly tight budget so we opted for the most economically viable option for them and for us.

The racks they used were their own, so they needed sufficient lighting to achieve light homogeneity and the objective in micromoles / m2 / s (PPFD).

For this we have GE Current tubes from the Arize Lynk line using 4 units per level in the 120 * 60 * 200cm racks and 4 120cm tubes seriously adding 60cm tubes, making it a total of 180cm long and covering one meter wide optimally, reaching a PPFD of 220umol/m2/s, somewhat higher than your requirements.

With this, we have managed to improve production times, increase production by 35% and a considerable increase in the production levels of anthocyanins and other nutrients.

The consumption of these tubes is 33W / unit for 120cm units and 18W for 60cm units.