Indoor farming is called a crop that does not depend on sunlight at all and is in a closed and climate-controlled place. They are usually done in houses (self-farming), in climatic chambers, closed spaces and laboratories. They can be in a specific area or vertically through racks.

Our client told us that he wanted to cover an area of about 16m2 in a climate chamber with a controlled environment for growing asparagus, something totally new and innovative. The racks used are 120*100*200 divided into 2 levels of 100cm high.

To achieve his objective, he needed a PPFD of 500umol/m2/s, so the tubes were not an option, but a 195W Arize Element L-400 toplight, 3 units for each level to achieve a light homogeneity of 90% with a combined spectrum, with both, vegetative sceptrum and alternating reproductive spectrum.

Asparagus is a plant that takes 3 years to start producing and the objective of this study is to shorten production times by 1 year.

After several months of testing, results are beginning to be seen. Aside from optimal lighting, natural photoperiods needed to be altered.

After one year and two months of testing, they have managed to produce white asparagus saving one year and 9 months compared to the natural cycle of the plant.