California LightWorks, new strategic partner of Virex Technologies for the European market

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Since we were at GreenTech 2022 in Amsterdam a few months ago, we were looking at several manufacturers of LED lighting for horticulture but only one caught our attention for an innovative product and we had the opportunity to see the connectivity and its operation. California LightWorks (CLW from now on) dazzled us with its MEGA DRIVE system because we had been looking for a product or range of products that would save time in installation, that did not have an individual power supply per luminaire, and that could also save the customer in purchasing costs.

The MEGA DRIVE range focuses on 2 main cultivation techniques:


We are interested in partnering with CLW because they have shown us that their development of the MEGA DRIVE system is a real success. Many cannabis companies and other crops of great commercial value in the USA already use this system to illuminate their crops, lowering installation costs, saving energy by producing less heat in the room, making the HVAC system work less or less forced, since not having all the power sources radiating heat in the same place of cultivation, the climate stability is flatter and not in “saw” type graphs.

Another advantage of the MEGA DRIVE system is that its entire MDV/MDL range is dimmable 0-10v and, through its 2 modulatable channels, you can easily create 3 different spectra thanks to its touch control system, being able to create different zones very quickly to have absolute control over the percentage of regulation and the desired spectrum They are composed of 3 spectrum modes:

  1. All its LEDs on (red, white and blue)
  2. Red LEDs on only
  3. Blue and white LEDs on
MDV-400/600/800 (Blue and white spectrum)
MDL-400 (linear 400W model)

Also, thanks to this system, the luminaires last longer because the electrolytic capacitors in the power supplies do not dry out quickly due to the high temperatures that can be reached during the spring-summer months in certain regions. The ambient temperature not only has an impact on the crop, but also on the investment in technology, since almost everything has condensers. Better care of the investment means faster amortization.

See the Arrhenius equation for a better understanding of the lifetime of power supplies or drivers and their limiting factors.

Therefore, we can safely say that CLW has developed a range of professional products that we highlight the following technical features:

  1. Rugged products with IP66 protection for harsh environments.
  2. Centralized power supply that could be connected to 27 units 400W luminaires or 16 units 600W luminaires with a single power supply unit (PSU).
  3. Dimmable and selectable spectra depending on the objective or stage of the crop by means of its own touch controller.
  4. Customized wiring and hangers for each project included in the price of the luminaire.
  5. Warranty 5 years against manufacturing defects.
  6. All made in the U.S.A. complying with UL and CE standards.

Its Co-Founder, Craig Adamswill join us next week in Barcelona at the Virex headquarters to understand first hand their company philosophy, mission and vision in such a competitive market as indoor horticulture which, due to this changing and sometimes unpredictable climate, is gradually becoming a more realistic alternative for certain crops of high consumption or high commercial value and a way to have crops all year round. This partnership between companies marks the starting point as strategic partners for the European market in general.

Virex focuses on helping companies, producers and research centers to achieve their objectives in crops, both in commercial production and R&D always helping to save costs because many times, by buying cheap things and get out of the way, in the end the customer, due to the poor quality of the products, has to make another new investment, so in the end it comes out the same or more expensive than if he had trusted in first level brands and advice.

Tell us about your case by e-mail or by calling the contact number on our website.

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