Walk-IN growth chambers, new service from Virex Technologies

Camara virex Vertical air circulation

In recent months, at Virex, we have seen an increase in consultations for the design and implementation of growth chambers for research and development of phytosanitary products, nutrients and special crops. All need abiotic parameters to be fully controlled, different temperature or humidity ranges, but with high precision as well as special lighting with specific PPFD ranges.

Growth chamber Virex-Valoya
Walk-IN Growth Chambers

For more than 1 year, Virex has partnered with an engineering company specialized in climate control to be able to cover this type of projects and thus provide a unique and specialized service, from the civil works to the commissioning of the equipment and a periodic after-sales maintenance service.

Virex offers its clients a preliminary meeting to learn more about the details of the project, a technical proposal for approval and, once the client is satisfied with the proposal at the technical level, it will move on to the economic offer and technical review to finalize details. With this process, we make sure that all the information and needs transmitted by the client are very clear and, on paper so that there are no doubts for any of the parties involved.

Also, thanks to this alliance, we can cover drying rooms, clean rooms, or test rooms of different types.

Currently, Virex and its engineering partner have more than 15 quoted projects, 2 of which have already been approved by different clients for this year 2022 and 1 already completed in 2021 for a prestigious university.

Camara MH Valoya 3
Growth chamber with Valoya LED tubes L28 NS12

Due to the current climatic changes we are experiencing, we are seeing an increase in investment in this type of facilities (Walk-IN growth chambers). This is due to the fact that, in a greenhouse, even if it is highly technified, the control of all the abiotic parameters required is practically impossible to maintain uniformly throughout the greenhouse; there will always be many differences between zones, which means that part of the experiment or crop will give varied results that are far from the researcher’s objective.

Virex drying room
Drying room for medical cannabis / customer design

The growth chambers guarantee:

  • Uniformity of temperature, humidity and illumination throughout the chamber.
  • Isolation from external elements.
  • Improved energy utilization.
  • Control of abiotic parameters as required.
  • Replicating parameters and conditions over time
  • Year-round cultivation without dependence on external weather conditions

Consult us at dmorales@virextech.com or orders@virextech.com , we will be pleased to assist you

Growth chamber with RX600 Solray385
Growth chamber with LED by Valoya RX600 Solray385

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