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For 10 years, the demand for food has grown exponentially so the need for fertile soil for cultivation has also grown. Only 34% of the total surface of the Earth is arable and, every year it is reduced. The use of fertile land for extensive and intensive agriculture makes desertification and the contamination of aquifers […]

Current potential for the efficiency of horticultural LEDs

With current LED technology, calculations indicate efficacy limits of 3.4 μmol J – 1 for white + red luminaires, and 4.1 μmol J – 1 for blue + red luminaires This weekend we were reviewing an article that has appeared on www.nature.com about the efficiency and potential of the current LEDs in the horticultural market. […]

LED light to decontaminate coronavirus surfaces


US researchers have designed and developed an ultraviolet LED light that has the ability to decontaminate surfaces and, potentially, air and water that may have been in contact with the SARS-CoV 2 virus, which causes COVID-19 Researchers at the Center for Solid State Electronics and Power, University of California, Santa Barbara , have developed an […]