For 10 years, the demand for food has grown exponentially so the need for fertile soil for cultivation has also grown. Only 34% of the total surface of the Earth is arable and, every year it is reduced.

The use of fertile land for extensive and intensive agriculture makes desertification and the contamination of aquifers worse, so if the companies in the sector want to continue supplying the demand, they will have to look for alternative cultivation techniques to intensify production.

One of the solutions that is currently on the rise is high-yield cultivation in a controlled indoor environment, the so-called “vertical farming” or vertical agriculture.

This technique, as its name suggests, consists of a vertical growth of the cultivation space, doubling, tripling and even five times the cultivable area. In addition, this technique allows the saving of water resources up to 99% compared to traditional agriculture since the water can be reused (hydroponic or aeroponic systems), the level of evaporation is reduced, the level of oxygenation of roots increases, by so the growth of the plant is much faster than with other substrates.

Most of the clients that look for this type of solutions want a system that saves them time in planning and execution, resources, personnel and, they expect that their investment will be profitable in a short period of time, so they demand a complete system, not just the structure and some components if not a turnkey solution that allows quick installation and commissioning.

Virex, a leading company in horticultural solutions, has developed a “turnkey” solution for clients with this need for the medical cannabis or industrial hemp sector; Introducing VIREX VERTICAL GROW RACK SOLUTIONS.

Virex Vertical Grow Rack Solutions is a line of products consisting of custom structures depending on the need for growing density, and a complete irrigation, ventilation and quality LED lighting system for high-yield and rotating crops.

There are two main models:

  • DRIPEX: Complete system with drip irrigation.
  • AEROPONEX: Complete cultivation system with aeroponic irrigation.

The systems are practically identical except for the irrigation system that, depending on the irrigation technique chosen by the client, some components or others will be added, such as the UV-C water sterilizer (Only for Aeroponex since the water is recycles), a nutrient mixer (Only for Aeroponex) or sprinkler heads in the growing units (only for Dripex).

Being a modular system, you can choose from a range of combinations of levels and number of growing units (240x120cm) and you can choose between fixed or mobile shelving. Mobile racks maximize growing space as they can be joined or separated using a rotating handle that, with very little effort, is capable of easily moving between 5 and 8 tons of weight.

Also, if the client wants to continue expanding facilities, more levels can be added to the initial structures, saving costs of land purchase, planning and execution.

Being a system customized in sizes and heights, it adapts perfectly to any space available to the client, allowing a lot of production to be carried out in a reduced space.

These systems are developed with a clear objective: To make the investment profitable by maximizing production and reducing planning / execution, personnel and maintenance costs.

Do not hesitate and discover the possibilities offered by VIREX VERTICAL GROW RACK SOLUTIONS on our website or by calling the customer service phone number.

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