New agreement with one of the best LED horticulture brand in the world – Valoya

new agreement valoya-virex

We officially announce our agreement with one of the most advanced brands in LED technology in the world, Valoya Oy.

Top-level Finnish manufacturer that began as one of the pioneers in the field of LED technology for horticulture 11 years ago, in 2009, which also has a R&D department specialized in unique spectra, currently lead by Stiina Kotiranta, who joined the Valoya team in 2014.

Virex-Valoya agreement

Valoya has more than 100 patents, making it the second largest company in the horticultural lighting industry worldwide. In addition, it has several patents for utility and innovation models and many others in the process of approval, so they do not stop innovating and registering their great human, technological and economic efforts in it. Throughout all this time, Valoya has experienced with more than 300 different types of crops, has produced more than 100 scientific articles in collaboration with prestigious research centers and universities, is present in all continents and has more than 30 distributors worldwide in 50 countries, and the new distributor official has been Virex Technologies.

Another peculiarity that Valoya has and that we liked from the moment we met them was that ALL of their range, except the L-series, is manufactured in Finland. This ensures a very high-level quality control and also ensures that it is a 100% European product of the highest quality, design and manufactured.

It has not been easy at all to get the Valoya distribution but, after many virtual meetings and demonstrate with professional projects that Virex Technologies is very capable of representing the brand, not only at a commercial level but also a strategic allied due to its logistical capacities, as well as specialized staff and extensive knowledge of the horticultural market in Spain and Portugal, specially in medical cannabis/industrial hemp markets.

RX600 fixture
RX600 Solray385 fixture

Virex Technologies and Valoya come together to put at the service of the horticultural, Spanish and Portuguese markets, high efficiency LED fixtures and tubes, specialized spectra depending on the stage of the plant or type of cultivation, way of cultivation or special requirements that only the light can transmit at the organoleptic or morphological level.

Also, Virex wants to announce its new special division of medicinal Cannabis and industrial hemp for companies and professionals in the sector where, obviously, we will offer products of the highest quality such as Valoya so that the needs of the most demanding customers are met, improving flavonoids, terpenoids , cannabinoids as well as the productivity gr / W per square meter, making the initial investment in LED fixtures as profitable as possible and the ROI (Return Of Investment) is shortened, achieving higher annual productivity and better quality of the final product with the best possible efficiency.

Valoya has a wide variety of products and spectra that choosing the right one will depend on the type of crop, the structure of the facilities, if it is 100% indoor or if it is complementary light (greenhouses), if it is vertical or horizontal with a single level If it is required to control the wavelengths or on the contrary a fixed spectrum is required and, the objective for which artificial lighting is available that will not always be the same, it may be interesting to increase the organoleptic properties of the plant rather than to produce more, or perhaps, the opposite is required or both. For this reason, when offering a range of professional horticultural lighting products, we need customers to tell us exactly what their ambitions are and to be transparent when sending us their project information.

In professional horticultural lighting, it is not only the micromoles per square meter that is important, but it is also important to know the philosophy of the client to understand exactly what is the most suitable for their cultivation.

Do not hesitate to consult your project and, remember that at Virex, we only work with the best brands, segmenting the horticultural market and advising our clients on the best product according to their budget, facilities and needs.

We thank VALOYA Oy for the trust placed in our team!

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