MDV-400-600-800 VIREX


The MDV is a model designed for indoor growing rooms or vertical shelving systems where space is at a premium but without reducing power, i.e. in small spaces or with low height where the crop will be close to the luminaire.

Its “Spider-design” measures 1,181.1mm long by 1,143mm wide with a height of only 31.75mm, aluminum body with smooth surface and weight of 9kg in the 400W-600W versions and 10kg in the 800W version make it possible to place it in almost any cultivation structure without creating so much structural stress. Other luminaires are heavier but this is because they cannot separate the PSU from the housing and have to reinforce the light lines and heatsink with more aluminum. This does not happen with the MD system.

Its efficiency of up to 3.5µmol/J means that its output varies according to the model, ranging from 1,050µmol/s to 2800µmol/s depending on the spectrum selected and the power of the luminaire.

As with the entire MEGA DRIVE range, there is the possibility of choosing a spectrum quickly and intuitively using the touch-sensitive controller. They are classified as follows:

  • Only blue and white LEDs (450nm + 4000K) for better vegetative development of the crop and less consumption in the early stages, also reinforcing the growth of the root system.
  • All LEDs (450nm+4000K+660nm) are turned on to achieve a full PAR spectrum by enhancing the absorption peaks of chlorophyll A and B.

Its intensity regulation from 0 to 10 volts also makes this luminaire suitable for installation in different crops that by natural growth or stage are developing with the appropriate PPFD.