Walk-IN chambers are those spaces used by companies, research centers and universities to study, in a controlled environment, crops, algae, insects or bacteria with different abiotic or biotic parameters. As a result, different environments can be programmed according to the user’s interest or the course of the investigation or test.

Virex offers its clients its service of planning, design, execution and commissioning of these research elements using state-of-the-art equipment, its own communication and control system, and professional and adequate lighting for every present and future need.

Our team is formed by professionals who have more than 20 years in the sector and can cover from the civil work to the commissioning of the chamber, also offering guarantees and after-sales service for its periodic review and that they are always working at full capacity.

The important thing about these elements is that everything works correctly so that the user can replicate exactly the tests he needs and thus be able to carry out a more reliable investigation or control.