About UV-C light to disinfect

What is ultraviolet light? Ultraviolet (UV) light is a component of sunlight that falls within the electromagnetic spectrum between light visible to the human eye and X-rays, with a wavelength between 100-400 nanometers (nm). Within this ultraviolet light, four different types are represented, depending on their wavelength: UV-A (315-400nm), UV-B (280-315nm), UV-C (200-280nm) and UV-FAR (100 -200nm). Preliminary data sheet subject to future modifications.

How does UV-C light work to disinfect? The radiation used in VirexBox (UV-C between 260-270nm), deactivates bacteria, viruses and other microbes by directly attacking their DNA, thanks to its germicidal effect. UVC light penetrates the cells of microorganisms, altering the structure of their DNA molecules and once these microorganisms are damaged by exposure to UVC light, they lose their reproductive capacity, leaving them inactive, not harmful and as a consequence destroying them.